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Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, making sure looters are not taking advantage of the situation. >>> the new york city marathon will happen this weekend. super storm sandy hit the city hard but the race will go on. the mayor made the announcement today. it's scheduled for sunt . a big event like this can help boost the city's resolve and bring people together. >> the nc marathon shows off the spirit of the city like no other. the best thing we can do is celebrate. >> the mayor expects most power to be back on in time for the rate and hopes it will help boost businesses. >>> so much thing as too much candy. do you ever go overboard when buying candy and find yourself left with extra. >> karen had tricks for getting rid of your left overhalloween -- left over halloween streets. >>o ed to buy over 2 billion dollars worth of candy. the sweet stuff can scare parents, so consider stuff for dealing with too many treats. halloween can be a scary time for pediatric dentists. many initiate candy buy-backs why youngsters bring in their sweet treats to exchange for cash and coupons. the dentists send the candy off to operation
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
hurricane sandy. from new jersey to new york city in the north to right here in maryland and garrett county. damage from wind, water and snow is causing huge problems and upsetting many lives. areas that were spared got hit the hardest here in maryland. threefeet of snow block roads and trapping people in their homes. the county put out calls for help. many answered. >> we were prepared both internally and with external assets to be prepared for a direct hit. blessing is we did not receive that. now we are able to use some of our own resources to help others. >> baltimore city sent ems crews to new jersey. the crews handled more than 40 calls in just 12 hours. >>> a few hours up 95 tonight millions of people are still without electricity and heat. at least 105 deaths are being blamed on hurricane sandy. the storm is forcing the city to break with tradition in solidarity. >> hurricane sandy has claimed another casualty. the new york city marathon has been canceled. >> it was clear this was not going to be a celebration of new york. it was going to be a difficult day instead oaf a day of cele
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
about. cars flooded in sandy's wake has seen plenty of waters. these ones from new york sat in it for days. we've seen cars flooded out here too. thanks to massive water main breaks in baltimore city. all of these could eventually make their way to you. >> we've seen this sort of behavior in the past. >> reporter: frank runs the national insurance crime brewer. a group created to track fraud from the industry. he said so far member have tracked at least 50,000 vin numbers from cars damaged by sandy. that's for fewer than katrina but still significant. because thousands of flood cars could end up on market and you'll know they're secret. in maryland, the law says dealers who sell more than 5 cars a year has to disclose flood damage. individual sellers don't have that same requirement. the feds use the national motor vehicle titling information system to track but he says not every state participates so scammers can wipe a car's past clean. but to uncover the imperfect past of a car takes some work. >> unfortunately it's extremely easy to clean up a flood damages car. >> reporter: his company's free flood reports may indicate whether a used car was water logged and could become a potenti
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
new york city area. it's raining in jersey. there are winds that are picking up across the region here gusting over 40 miles an hour at times. by wednesday night is that upper air jet gets caught up with this surface low, it intensifies it. the winds actually pick up to gusts of 50 miles an hour at times, especially on the east shore of long island. the rain continues just a very period there. now, this system is -- now it looks like it's going to slow down a bit. it will weaken a little but it's not going to lose its grip completely on the area all the way into the thursday time frame so we're going to continue to see some rain shower activity along coastal areas in here. on the backside of the system we're actually going to see enough cold air to produce some snow. it could be the heavy wet variety, especially from the cat skills right up through the add iron daks here and into parts of northern new england. if the snowfall values get to be a few inches or so and we combine that with some brisk winds in that area, we may look at another round of poir outages for areas that weren
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
governor is worried they could get swamped for a second time. new york and west of the sit -- north and west of the city it's wet heavy snow. >> snow is crazy. got to get out of here. >> reporter: and those still shivering may have to endure for a while longer. trees have added weight of snow making them prone to toppling over. new power outages expected. >>> let's look at where the nor'easter is still putting down the snow. the snow bands are not as heavy and steady as earlier but several inches of accumulation on the ground. a little more of a southern turn, we would have had more snow here. it turns out nothing more than a slushy coating on the northern part of the state. right along the water line here in hartford county down toward apg and into annapolis some showers. some over the chesapeake right now. in the north there could be some slick spots toward daybreak tomorrow. you can see right now most of the rain actually getting a little batch pushing south to dc, that's just temperatures too warm to support any kind of a sticking precipitation. the rain has been light. about a tenth to a quarter of an i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5